Ongoing DDoS Attack Against Our Hosting Company

The hosting company is currently the target of a large Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This has made unresponsive.

ShackShout is not the specific target of this attack. We’re just caught up in the chaos.

We will post as we get more information. We appreciate your patience while this gets addressed. Integrates with RMLSweb


nōshun software is very proud to announce the integration of with RMLSweb, the MLS system for Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS™) in Portland Oregon.

RMLS™ has been a trailblazer in the MLS world for decades and nōshun is very excited that the first MLS integration with is with this Pacific Northwest powerhouse. has a custom landing page and branding for RMLS™ members. And RMLSweb has integrated links from property detail reports to the property page with links to all the other information you really want to know about the property.

We salute Kurt and Greg for making this happen!


Unveiling the Enhanced ShackShout!

After months of design and development, we are pleased to introduce the enhanced!

You can now become a ShackShout subscriber and enjoy a bunch of new features.

Get your own ShackShout URL!

During registration you can choose a Profile Name for your account.  A Profile Name is added to the ShackShout URL address giving you a personal URL to share with your clients and customers.

For example, choose “FrankMitchell” as your account alias and your custom address will be “”.

Display your photo and company logo on the property page.

Feature your Properties

Select up to six properties as Featured Properties.  These will display in a list under your contact information. Featured Properties can have as many as 5 photos added!

Choose either a Free or Premium subscription.

Free Subscription Includes:
•     Custom Branding

Premium Subscription Includes:
•     Custom Branding
•     Featured Properties

•     Featured Properties photo upload
•     Usage and Traffic Analytics

To see a sample of how the agent branding works, visit

ShackShout! Release Teaser

powered by

We are very happy to announce that the new ShackShout! is coming in less than two weeks!

We’ve been working on some great new stuff that will give real estate professionals and Multiple Listing Services new ways to share the power of ShackShout! with their clients and members. From custom branding to property photo uploads, we’ve added a wide range of features designed to help the real estate professional engage with their clients.Watch for more details over the next two weeks!

If you will be in Washington DC for the NAR Midyear Meetings and Expo, contact us to setup a quick walk-through. I promise you it will be the best spent 15 minutes of the show!

– Rob

The Thanksgiving Update

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends and users!

Happy Wednesday to Everyone!

In honor of Thanksgiving in the States, we have posted a few enhancements to the ShackShout! site. We’ve added a couple bits of additional property information under the property address display on the results view. As we go forward, we’ll see what other information we can put there. Send us your suggestions!

We have also made a change so that switching your results view does not require you click “Search” again. Click the selector for “List” or “Grid” and the page will automatically reload with the selected view.

There are also a couple of improvements to the code that makes the search a little more efficient.

Please send us your suggestions or issues. We also appreciate when you spread the word!

Thank you to everyone who has visited ShackShout! or sent us feedback. Happy Holidays!

– Rob


ShackShout! Public Beta Announcement

nōshun software is proud to announce the beta release of ShackShout!



Buying and selling real estate can be challenging. The vast number of real estate search sites make it difficult to find the most useful information. ShackShout! is here to bring together links to all of the important information you need about a property. From property details and valuation to hyper-local neighborhood information, you can get to all of it from ShackShout!

The ShackShout! beta is now online at

We are planning a number of enhancements and additions but really need user feedback to make the best possible product. We hope you visit the site, give us your feedback and share with your friends and clients!

Home Page

List Results

Grid Results

BETA UPDATE: New Grid Result View

An idea for a different style of result display came up during the past week as we collected feedback from you fine folks. The request was for a grid of results rather than a long list.

This posed a few questions and required back-tracking on a few decisions we made earlier. In any event, the changes have been released to the production web site at

Next to the text box where you enter an address, you will now find a selector to choose “List” or “Grid”. Choose whichever style you desire, and click the “Search” button. The appropriate style should display for you.

A couple IMPORTANT notes: The Zillow links in the Grid view are not working correctly. This is a known issue. Second, the “Results Filter” also does not work in the Grid view.

We would love to hear back from everyone with what they think about the Grid. If you love it or hate it, please tell us why. We’re just trying to find the best way to get the information to the user. Some similar implementations include Pinterest and Wish.

As always, you can tell us about anything you find or any suggestions you have for us.


– Rob

Welcome to the Beta Test!

I want to thank you for taking the time to check out ShackShout! You have a unique opportunity to make a tangible impact on the site and how it works.

What ShackShout! Does

ShackShout! brings together search results and resources from all over the Internet that relate to real estate and properties. Unlike a big search engine that may provide very high level results about an address, ShackShout! is designed to bring the most relevant and valuable information about a property and its local area to the user.

ShackShout! allows the user to filter out specific types of results to meet specific needs. If you are only interested in analytics and information about the local area, you can adjust your filter options to focus just on that information.

How You Can Help

More and more services are in the process of being setup in ShackShout! We are also working to add new features and enhancements as we move through beta testing. For these reasons, we encourage you to send us your ideas and feedback. If there is anything you wished worked differently, tell us about it. If you run into a problem, please let us know so we can fix it.

We will post updates here on the blog as we progress. We suggest you submit your email address above to get notified when new information is available.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help. You can use the “contact us” or “report issue” links on the site or here on the blog…or send us email at